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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E., Hot Springs, AR. 71901             501-463-6909

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Alicia's Vanity Room

How old you are is your business - 

How young you look is our business.

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Radiofrequency Facial 

It is an electromagnetic wave that adheres to the skin tissue at the facial level. As an immediate result, the collagen fibers respond to the emission of heat with a contraction and tighten. This favors the recovery of the skin’s supportive tissue. In the long term, the thermal effect increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts causing the generation of new collagen causing an improvement in the tightening of the skin (lifting effect). Includes face, neck and chest.

Treatment Duration: 60 minutes.

Results: max. 12 continuous sessions.

Tracking: min. every 4 days – max. 1 time per week


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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E

Hot Springs, AR. 71901



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