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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E., Hot Springs, AR. 71901             501-463-6909

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How old you are is your business - 

How young you look is our business.

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Ultracavitation  technology provides a non-invasive method to break down stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear regardless of what your diet is or how hard you exercise. The most problematic body areas are abdomen, flanks (love handles), inner thighs, buttocks, inner knees, under chin and upper arm. The Ultrasonic cavitation machine is the latest development, combining Bipolar RF and Tripolar RF technology for fat burning, body shaping, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pregnant, kidney, liver, heart failure. Do not expose yourself to the sun before the session. Any metal prosthesis in the body. It is not applied on wounds, wait 3 months after any surgery.

Treatment Duration: 30 min.

Results: Immediate.

Follow-up: Every 4 days or once a week.

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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E

Hot Springs, AR. 71901



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