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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E., Hot Springs, AR. 71901             501-463-6909

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Alicia's Vanity Room

How old you are is your business - 

How young you look is our business.

Image by Krystal Ng

Wellness Injections

  • Vitamin B-12

    • Helps provide additional energy and supplement IV infusions.​

  • Glutathione

    • Glutathione is capable of reducing free radicals and oxidative damage. Helps with anti-aging, and improvement of skin, hair and nails.​

  • Semaglutide Weight Loss (COMING SOON)

    • Weight Loss program for those with BMI over 27 looking to lose 20+ lbs.​

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2230 Malvern Ave, Suite E

Hot Springs, AR. 71901



Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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